CC Outtake: 1982 Cadillac Cimarron – Fast Eddie Would Be Proud

When I was a kid, there was a used car dealer in the next town over who habitually bought and sold clean used cars, but with very high mileage at very retail prices.  Fast Eddie gravitated toward loaded versions of common cars, and often also had a broad selection of tired (but pretty!) Cadillacs and Lincolns.  He was very successful, and the last time I noticed, he was still in operation.

I’d love to know the offer that finally bought this (sharp, low mileage, CD-player-equipped) Cadillac Cimarron, assuming it ever sold.  Surely someone snapped up what has to be one of the cleanest non-collector Cimarrons on the planet, right?  The double-crested snout alone would be worth the price of entry!

(Thanks to CCer Improbcat for the photo submission!)

[ED: If you’re hankering for a more in-depth CC on GM’s Deadly Sin #10, you’ll find it here]

Update: This fine car’s year was initially reported as 1985.  Thanks to Carmine’s input, it has been updated to 1982.