CC Capsule: 1975 Buick Electra 225 – Take Your Time

Now this is more like it.

If 1990s GM didn’t make an entirely convincing argument they’d finally transitioned away from cars like the lovely Buick Electra 225, this big ol’ Buford at least shows they knew what they were doing with soft, fluffy cars in the 1970s.

Of course, this Buick has the luxury of being 20+ years older than the above-linked Intrigue, and time does funny things to memories, erasing sins big and small.  I’ve often heard you tend to remember the good things more than bad, and I’d say this is true, at least about many cars.

Certainly on an objective level, cars like this left much to be desired, and the 1977 Buick that replaced this monster was better in so many ways it’s almost frightening.  (As the daily driver of an older Lincoln, I can attest that nostalgia doesn’t ride quite so smoothly after a year or 2.)

Time doesn’t stand still, though, and neither do expectations.  That comparatively trim, taut Lexus behind the Buick became one expression of the new expectation of what makes a really nice car in the early 1990s.  I have a hard time believing people will remember a LS400 as fondly as they do an old Deuce and a Quarter, but then not as much time has passed, either.

We’ll see soon enough.

(Thanks to Tom Klockau for the photos from the Cohort!)