CC Outtake: 1987(ish) Dodge Colt – Last One On the Streets Here?

Every time I use that line “Last One On the Streets Here?” in my titles it’s a bittersweet experience. It’s nice to know there’s still a Dodge Colt in regular use here, but I haven’t seen another for some time. And that goes for all Dodge Colts. Now that’s a scary and bitter thought.

This gold Colt hatchback is an excellent survivor, and of a generation that was probably the last to sell in significant numbers. The Colt era, which began in 1971 when Chrysler was desperate for an import other than its own Plymouth Cricket (Hillman Avenger), a car that lost its chirp all-too quickly. The early 80s were a boom time for really small cars, and this generation Colt was about as good as anyhting on the market. Of course you all know that these were Mitsubishi Lancers, sold through Chrysler’s Dodge and Plymouth dealers.

The sharply creased dash reflects the origami-school exterior. Quite the contrast from today’s blob-mobiles.

It looks new, practically. Somebody’s aunt or grandma must have pampered this baby Colt for some decades.

A few minor nicks here and there. But overall, this is in remarkable shape.

Except for the mismatched wheel covers, this is as good as gold.