CC Outtake: 1985 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS – Lost Between Two Eras

IMG_4645 1200

This is not a car I would normally stop my walk for to shoot, but this particular one is a recent arrival in our part of town, and has been making its presence heard. It seems to be crying for attention through its loud twin exhausts when on the go, or when it rode my tail the other day in traffic, so I decided to indulge it. Maybe that will quiet it down some.

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I only know the year thanks to Carfax, as a 1985 looks just like a 1990 to my Monte Carlo-untrained eyes. I do know that it and the similar-age Honda Civic behind it sit in front of two very non-Eugene typical houses: white, with a hint of Colonial affectation but also some Moderne. Or something in between. Transitional? What is this style of house called? They’re either from the late 1920s or more likely the late 1930s (there’s hardly any houses from the early-mid 1930s, for obvious reasons).  You see, I’m more interested in the houses than this Monte Carlo.

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This Monte Carlo is also lost between two eras. Conceived in the height of the Great Brougham Epoch, with baroque hips and other embellishments, the Aero Era quickly left it in its wake. Efforts were made to sleek it down for this new slippery age, and the sloping front nose, cleaned up flanks, and longer tail with even a spoiler make it clear that this Monte wants to fly with the new kids on the block. Well, not the little Civic behind it; more like the Thunderbird, which ushered in the new era in 1983, and left the Monte looking like an antique overnight.

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Although most of the Broughamesque filigree was blown away by its stressful trip to the wind tunnel, a few remnants of that older era are still to be found, like this Monte Carlo heraldic shield and helmet, or whatever it is.

IMG_4652 1200

It also graces the bowsprit (or is that too nautical instead of aerodynamical?). At first, I assumed the gray pattern behind it were part of an artistic effort to make the nose of this Monte better conform to the carefully designed and executed multi-hue custom paint job on the rest of the body.

IMG_4651 1200

But on closer examination, I’m not quite so sure. But then that goes for the rest of the car too.