CC Outtake: 1986-88 Chrysler LeBaron Town and Country — Curves are for Squares

1986-88 LeBaron T and C 3_4 left front

Well, this machine, spotted last week in the Woodlands, TX, certainly stands out in today’s sea of monochromatic, lozenge-shaped vehicles. I don’t have much to add to Perry Shoar’s fine short piece on the K-based Chrysler Town and Country wagons from back in 2014 (his featured vehicle is even the same color as the one shown here), so I will limit my comments to the following below.

1986-88 LeBaron T and C 3_4 right side

a) Apparently the daily ride of an employee in one of the retail shops where I found it parked, this car fairly screams “I inherited this thing from Granddad when he passed on and if or when something major breaks, that’ll be the end of it”.

1986-88 LeBaron T and C 3_4 right rear

b) I’m a bit gobsmacked to realize that these were not all that common even back in the day – for only two years of their 1982-88 lifespan did T and C wagon production numbers exceed 10,000; most years, considerably fewer were sold.

1986-88 Lebaron T and C dash decorations

c) Although not really my thing, the dash decorations add a certain je ne sais quoi. Plus, hey, it’s a turbo!

(P.S. Back in the day, my parents has an ’84 Lebaron Coupe with the non-turbo 2.2, in maroon over maroon over maroon, and with the hideous fake wire wheels thankfully absent from the featured car. I found the horrid thing impossibly tacky back then, but like so many other things I once disliked, I now kinda wish it was still around.)