CC Outtake: 1988 Dodge Caravan SE – There’s Still A Few Left

Shelf Life — It’s a term commonly used to describe the period of time in which food is fresh enough for sale and consumption, but it also can be used to describe the general period of time in which a model of car is fit for daily driving, and well, worth more to keep up and running than to sell for parts.

Many factors affect the shelf life of one type of vehicle versus another, and as a whole it tends to vary by geographical region, but at least in the Northeast the first generation Chrysler minivans’ shelf life was about 20 years. Their numbers were already trailing off steadily in the late-1990s, but they were still common sights until the late-’00s, when they all but disappeared. Now almost 30 years after the last year of production, it’s only the outliers that still exist.

Photographed: Tribeca, Lower Manhattan, New York, New York – March 2018

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