QOTD: What Is/Was/Would Be Your Automotive Fountain of Youth?

JP Cavanaugh described the 1968 Chrysler Newport he drove for several years in the 1990s as his fountain of youth, a car from his childhood that he got to relive as a daily driver in adulthood. So it’s time for us to share our automotive fountains of youth.

I don’t really have an exact analogue to Jim’s Chrysler, so I can’t answer the question directly. The ’66 F-100 I bought in 1987 wasn’t really a vehicle from my childhood, although I did cultivate a love for old pickups during my summers spent with the Mennonite farmers in Iowa City, but those were mostly from the 50s. A Chevy “Advance Design” pickup would certainly have filled that bill. But there’s no question that driving my F-100 takes me back to my youth, so it’s as close as I can get.

Given that I’ve had it for 31 years now, just looking at this old picture of it from 1988 makes me feel like that was practically still my childhood. So if the fountain of youth involves taking one back 30 years, that works for me.

And what is or would be your automotive fountain of youth?