CC Outtake: 1989 Audi 200 Quattro Turbo – In The Loving Hands Of Enthusiastic New Young Owners

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When I spotted this new arrival in my neighborhood, its new owner was mostly inside the trunk, working on replacing an electrical connector for one of the tail lights of this Audi 200 Turbo Quattro he had just bought for $700. I don’t usually shoot the owners of curbside classics, but he and his girlfriend, who was rubbing out some stains on the hood, were so enthusiastic, as well as already quite knowledgeable, that I asked if they wanted to be in the photo with their new pride and joy. Of course! Now if I could only remember their names…(Update: their names are Layne and Ella, and it’s actually her car).  But seeing someone so young in love with their newly acquired old car (and each other) was the bright spot in one of the first gray and drizzly days of many to come here. This Audi, probably older than either of them, has found the perfect new home.

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C3 Audis are getting scarce, and this is a nicely kept one. It was a one-owner car, which is saying something right there, but even then, it has a few infirmities that are being attended to. Mostly they’re electrical gremlins, like the instrument cluster, which is going to need the wire terminals re-soldered to bring it back to life. The new owner has done his homework quickly, thanks to forums on the web, and rattled off the weaknesses that these cars exhibit and their fixes.

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After Audi’s UA near-death experience in the US with the 5000, it renamed them with Euro-style nomenclature in 1989, as the 100 and 200, for the turbo version. By this time the forced-induction 2.2 L five cylinder was rated at 162 hp. Doesn’t sound like much today, but at the time, it was a swift sedan with the benefit of all wheel drive to enhance traction, braking and overall balance. The Quattro was a repeat visitor to C/D’s 10 Best list.

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This is where the current repair was being implemented. A trailer light harness adapter had gone haywire, and needed some ministrations. The instrument panel re-soldering was high on the To-Do list.

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I was also shown these two Audi Quattro Coupe wheels that came with the car, which the new owner thought were worth half the price of the 200 alone. Good thing the wheels didn’t get damaged when the tire shredded.

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I asked about the Audi’s mechanical condition, and was told it ran well, except for a a clunk in the driveline, the exact source as of yet unknown. There’s probably several possible sources, given the four wheel drive, but what’s to be expected from a 27 year old Audi Quattro? These cars require an active relationship with its owner, and this one has found just that.

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