CC Outtake: 1989 Buick LeSabre Custom – The Worst In Aftermarket Accessories

The H-body Buick LeSabre, no matter which one of its three generations, was a very nondescript, fly under the radar car. But “plain” has never stopped anyone from trying to jazz up their wheels with little customizations here and there. Despite the missing grille due to front-end damage, there’s the glaringly obvious addition of hood scoops — something laughably unfitting, but to each and their own.

Moving around the sides, it looks like another visit to JCWhitney was made, with window air deflectors and chromed wheel arch flares. Of course there’s also the clunky-looking canvas top with electroluminescent coach lamp tacked on, which was possibly a dealer-installed add-on. Lastly, despite missing original hubcaps, we have the replacement of the rear one with an period Oldsmobile wheel cover. I guess some attention to an older car is better than no attention.

Photographed: Chestnut Hill Avenue – Brighton, MA – March 2017