Cohort Outtake: 1966 Plymouth Sport Fury – Eat Your Heart Out, Jim

A certain Jim Cavanaugh came to mind when I saw this fine Sport Fury posted at the Cohort by nifticus. Jim owned a Fury III sedan for four years in the late 80s-early 90s, and racked up some 40k miles in it. But he always pined for a Sport Fury. And from the looks of that fender call-out, this one is sporting a Commando 383 rather than the 318 in Jim’s sedan. Not to rub salt in the old wounds, but I could sure see Jim behind the wheel of this baby.

Although some may like this endless rear deck look, combined with the fender skirts, it’s just a wee bit much for my taste. The slab sides and trim only accentuate that. As if it didn’t look long enough already. There was a reason Bill Mitchell’s curved hip ’65s revolutionized the industry. But this makes for a perfect mobile heliport.

And then there’s the color combo too: doesn’t get more 1966 than this, inside and out. The Fury dash was obviously quite a bit more modest than the ambitious Dodge and Chrysler versions, but the console and that big, solid chromed shifter goes a long way to jazz things up in here. And the steering wheel still has gobs of chrome, and is color-coordinated, unlike those dreadful greasy black wheels and padded hub that came along in ’68.

Jim is going to want to point out that the these individual die-cast letters spelling out P-L-Y-M-O-U-T-H are each affixed solidly with individual bolts running through holes in that big bumper. Well, I guess I just did that for him, but he pointed it out to us previously.  I better shut up now, so Jim has something left to add. I’m guessing he will.