CC Outtake: 1990 Chevrolet S-10 Cameo – Standing Corrected

This truck was built during “my” era; I was a voracious reader of all things automotive and, I thought, had at least heard of virtually every kind of American car or truck built from say 1987-1997 or so.  But I’ve never heard of an S-10 Cameo pickup. Have you?

I did a cursory bit of research (cursory being my habit) and found that there isn’t too much to find on this Cameo, unlike most any other low production vehicle.  What little I did locate seems to indicate this thing was built only from 1989-1991 in very low numbers, probably fewer than the GMC Syclone, itself a somewhat of a rare duck.  The one production number I saw was less than 1300, but I don’t know if that was for all 3 years or not.

This truck did not get the turbocharged 4.3 V6 of the Syclone/Typhoon, so this is just a body kit on a S-10, mostly.  Still, for something built 3 years I’m really kind of surprised I’d never run across one before.

Here’s to new discoveries…