CC Capsule: 1991 Chevrolet Caprice Wagon – It’s Totally Tubular

It goes without saying that when the new 1991 Caprice Classic debuted in the fall of 1990 it was considered, well, controversial. It was really a love it or hate it look that many decried, saying of the sedan in particular, “Is it coming or going?” From the C-pillar forward I found it attractive, and used it as a template for many of the cars I started drawing and designing as a teen.

It still sat on the 1977 vintage B platform, and came with the 305 standard. Caprices finally received a driver’s side airbag too. The Brougham-tastic Caprice Classic Brougham and Brougham LS were gone, with the sporty LTZ becoming the new top of the line.

As for the wagon, something about it evokes the 1971 vintage B’s, though I can’t quite put my finger on why. As usual, you could get your Caprice wagon in tony wood-sided Estate Wagon form, or plain-sided, which our featured car sports.

It’s too bad that the Chevy didn’t get the Vista roof like the Olds and Buick versions.  Without it and the Buick’s slightly fancier C-pillar, it came across as a bit more, well, tubular.

Luckily because of the stout underpinnings of these, they are still very popular today, even sixteen years after the last one rolled off the the line in Arlington in favor of Tahoes.

This particular example has been sitting on the side of US 23 at AuGres, MI for a few months now. It’s seen a few hard winters, but the interior seems to have held up well. The odometer only showed 148k, which in light of the fact it’s a twenty one year old car,  isn’t bad.

As you can see, it’s for sale, so if you want a sleek tube to roll in, well, here you go!