CC Outtake: 1990s GMs Caught On Dash-Cam


Israel has many small villages, formed back in the day within agricultural areas, once when there was actual agriculture. People worked the land, and lived a quiet life in the village. Once the Hi-Tech / Start-Up age dawned and took over from agriculture, many of these places- especially those not far from Tel-Aviv, turned to real-estate havens, folks coming in from the big city to live in what they call “high quality of life in the country”. Also, many small businesses rent warehouses for production and such, the renting fees much lower than similar estates in the city.

These villages, being far from prying eyes, also host CC lovers, and driving through such places you might come across some finds that their owners have not seen fit to stash away- they just leave them outside their houses.


I was in such village the other day, going to a place that manufactures mosquito-netting. They have this cleaver solution in which the net is attached to the bottom of the pull-up blinder, so once you lift the blinder, the net is also up and doing its job. I wanted to see it in action and not just in a YouTube video. So my wife and I headed to this place and just at the entrance to the warehouse, we saw this:

The dusty Cavalier might be circa 1995-1996. I once had a friend with an almost identical car. Not too sure about the Firebird, but this was imported to Israel back in the 1990s, according to the license plate. The 00 also reveals that it was a private import, which is no surprise considering this generation was never imported to Israel officially.

Later, upon leaving the place, the Firebird was gone, so good to see that it’s in use. Oh, and we decided to go for this type of net…