In-Motion Classic: Fast As a Comet On The Way To Work


It’s hard living in Israel with a classic; Their owners seem to Joe Public as weird folks, willing to travel without the comforts of modern-day vehicles. Also, the Israeli law states that you cannot use your classic on week days between 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM, so going to work has to be limited to certain hours. Add to that the total dis-respect to others’ cars (parking scratches, door marks and other maladies are very common here), as well as lack of general motor-culture, and you basically get what is the norm- people hide their classics from view and only come out to join various classic meetings on weekends.

Occasionally, though, some slip through the net, as you can see.


My way to work runs about six miles, and goes through town areas, as well as a highway in between. Usually, around 6:00 AM, you’ll encounter the same kind of early-work travelers, such as myself, mostly in normal, unexciting vehicles. But from time to time, I see this same blue 1962 Comet. Exiting the highway yesterday, I finally managed to capture it in my Dash-Cam:

Naturally, the audio is the radio playing in the background.

This specific car is not new to me, as I’ve seen it in Five Club (Israel’s premier and most popular classic cars club) meetings, and even took some photos of it:




All in all, it looks to be mostly preserved, aside from rust beginning to take hold- I hope it will be taken cared of.

Certainly, my virtual hat goes off to the owner, who uses his classic as it was meant originally- In Motion.