CC Outtake: 1992 Plymouth Voyager LE – For Those Preferring Less Flash


As seasoned CCers will know, I have a soft spot for the often much-hated minivan. The 1990s were high times for the minivan, and industry-leader Chrysler kept buyers interested with an endless array of configurability and customization. More modestly equipped models comprised the bulk of sales, which always makes finding a high-trimmed Caravan or Voyager a bit of a feat (at least for me).


Plymouth distinguished their high-end Voyager and Grand Voyager LEs with either the classic woodgrain or a more modern two-tone color scheme, with lower gray paint for the “cladded” look that was popular at the time. Inside, LEs were given upgraded seats with premium cloth (with leather optional), greater contouring, and adjustable headrests, as well as standard power windows and added storage compartments below the console. A premium Infinity sound system was also available. As stated, these premium Voyagers were not huge sellers.

For the third generation “NS” minivans, Chrysler eliminated Voyager LEs in the U.S. in favor of a similarly equipped, but greater marked-up “entry-level” trim for the Town & Country, further diminishing Chrysler’s premium status and giving Plymouth even less to sell.

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