CC Outtake: 1992 Volvo 240 – The Trusty Swedish Workhorse

In a world where today’s Volvos are full-fledged luxury vehicles, it’s hard to imagine a time when most Volvos did not feature fine Nappa leather-covered seats with so many electronic adjustments, they cannot all even be fit on the side of the seat, requiring some to be accessed through a touch screen. Volvo’s escalation in luxury in recent years is due to shifts in industry trends and consumer preferences, but indeed there was a time when Volvos exuded a some what more utilitarian, comfort without excess image.

Vehicles like the new XC90 and V90 still offer plenty of useful utility, and while I’d be happy to load one up after a trip to Costco, I’d feel much less guilty dirtying an old gal like this 240 for a trip to say, Home Depot to buy plywood or topsoil, or throw my kayak on top of, courtesy of the appropriately Swedish Thule racks. Is it only appropriate that this now-classic 240’s organized owner has a bin labeled “240’s transport bin” in the trunk?

Photographed: Hingham, Massachusetts – February 2017

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