CC Outtake: 1994 Cadillac Deville Concours – Another GM Deadly Sin?


(first posted 11/16/2016)     Yesterday I happened to visit the Opel service center I wrote about here, as I needed to clarify things in regards to upgrading my Astra’s multimedia system with Android Auto. I stumbled upon this bulbous-shaped Nineties luxury. I asked and received permission to photograph it.


By the early Nineties, people in Israel had enough money- and far less Holocaust issues- to skip the big Cadillacs and choose German made offerings, so they were becoming scarce. Acres of low quality plastic and fake wood inside the cabin didn’t help matters either. This is why I was surprised to find this very rare mid Nineties car, which looked to be not in bad condition:



Opening the door to photograph inside, I heard the distinct “ding ding” we all know.


This angle shows some dust on the car- maybe it was stored somewhere and now about to be awaken?


The emblems don’t lie, it is indeed a Northstar V8, I’m guessing a 4.6 liter LD8 unit.


Personally I never liked the style of these. They always seemed too fat, too heavy, especially at the rear, as this photo clearly shows. It’s as if they tried to restyle the previous generation with an “updated” 1990’s touch, but failed (oddly enough, styling the same era Seville was much better). I think big Cadillacs seemed to have lost their way at the time, and besides image, I honestly can’t see why would anyone buy it over a, say, Buick Roadmaster.

I may be harsh with the “deadly sin” headline but that’s why the question mark. Feel free to comment, of course.