CC Outtake: 1994 Dodge Grand Caravan SE – Smells Like Childhood Spirit

We all have particular cars which we associate with times in our lives, whether it be specific memories or just generalized associations with daily life of those years. Personally, my early childhood was very happy and carefree, and naturally seeing cars of this era are often triggers of fond memories of this simpler time in my life. The second generation (1991-1995) “AS” Chrysler minivans are one such prominent car, being as omnipresent as sippy cups, Disney VHS tapes, Raffi sing-alongs, and my snazzy Kettcar tricycle — I guess I was always destined to drive German!

Additionally, I guess one of the underlying reasons I’ve always had such an inexplicable fondness for these Chrysler minivans is that during my early childhood, my aunt who lived in Connecticut always drove them (’90 Grand Caravan, ’95 Voyager, ’99 Grand Voyager). Seeing her minivan, whether when visiting her and my uncle or them coming to our house for holidays or a weekend, was always a happy sight, as it meant getting to see my cousins whom I was very close to during these years.

Despite Chrysler selling hundreds of thousands each year, a quarter-century later, these minivans are now pretty thin on the ground, and finding one with no rust, body damage, or even visible wear and tear is a truly a sight to behold. This 1994 Dodge Grand Caravan SE is one of those such vehicles, and gets bonus points in my book for having the rare burgundy interior (final year offered) and original Mopar accessory running boards and hood shield!

Photographed: Norwell, Massachusetts – August 2017

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