On The Go QOTD: What’s In That Pickup? What’s The Oddest Thing You’ve Seen In One?


My sister Ruth sent this shot to me the other day via text, asking me if I could identify what’s in the bed. Since she lives in Alaska, that should have made it easier. But my phone wouldn’t let me expand the image she sent, at least not for some 10-15 minutes (maybe the extra data for the full size view was held up). Although it was obviously something furry, I couldn’t quite make it out and was stumped. So then she sent me another image:


Even with this one, it wasn’t until the full-sized image was available to zoom in that I finally got it. Part of the problem is forgetting how large this object is, which is what was creating a problem for me. How about you? Seeing it? What’s the oddest thing you’ve seen getting hauled in a pickup?