CC Outtake: 1994 Nissan Maxima SE – Four-Door Sports Car On The Injured List

It may be a term that is overused, and one that to this day is challenged at that, but “Four Door Sports Car” (or “4DSC” as displayed on the rear quarter window badge) is a phrase that through its heavy marketing, has become synonymous with the third generation Nissan Maxima.

In its defense, for the 1992-1994 models years, Nissan did give the sport-oriented Maxima SE an exclusive V6 that produced 30 more horsepower and and 8 more pound-feet torque. The SE also gave buyers the choice of a 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic with “sport” mode for more aggressive shift points, along with numerous small cosmetic enhancements.

Whatever your opinion may be, despite its rear collision damage, it looks like this athlete has not been relegated to the side lines yet, at this Maxima appears to still be daily driven. No pain, no gain I guess.

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