CC Global: Taking A Colorful Break In The Bo-Kaap

High above the Cape Town city centre, on the slopes of Signal Hill, is the Bo-Kaap, a traditionally Muslim area, dating back to the late 1700’s. This close knit community oozes spicy colour, great style and some cool cars, I’m in! From 1990 till end of production in 2002 South African high end T3 VW Microbus’s came with a five cylinder Audi engine. The middle vehicle is a 2.6 litre Caravelle, note the larger side windows and full width bottom grille, South Africa only I believe. The Dodge Colt 1600 GS is one of the prettiest cars of the early 70’s. This one looks a bit tatty, but there was another better one behind the VW, so I’m hoping one good car comes out of this.


And down to earth with a bump, this series of Ford Escort somewhat dented the incredible rep Ford had built up here with previous Escorts;  hot sporty looks, youth appeal and bullet proof reliability. This one exhibits a common affliction, the rear bumper is made from the thinnest veneer of plastic over a foam base, which splits without much provocation.


I just love old Japanese styling, I always did, and still think these Toyota Corona II’s are very good looking. What an honest car! Well engineered, sensible, and still stylish.

Don’t want to insult the old girl, but I guess the most valuable part of the package could be the registration plate. CA XXXX is our official city registration plate. XXXX WP [Western Province] is available as a vanity plate. In a city of 3.75 million people a  CA registration plate with three numbers is rare and valuable. In 2011 I paid in the low four figures for a four letter CA plate, last year CA 3 went at auction for R378 000, yikes!

The beautiful Cape Dutch and Cape Georgian architecture is protected by law thank goodness. Unfortunately gentrification is a threat as land values have increased, but the community is pushing back on new developments which threaten the character of the area, good for them.

Why has the RAV 4 become so huge these days? These 2 door models were perfect for city use. The Toyota C-HR has just arrived in SA, but with no rear view camera [a cost saving measure in our market] and limited rear vision it’s certainly not city friendly.



This Honda Ballade is from Honda’s golden period. Civic’s were called Ballade’s here till 2001. These models were assembled at the local Mercedes Benz plant in East London, and marketing made sure we knew it!


When Car and Driver said, at introduction, this Honda looked like a sneaker I was quite taken aback! [I am sure it was C & D, apologies if not..]


And congratulations to the bridal couple! Traffic came to a halt while special moments were captured.


Sticking with the Honda theme, this is my car, just saying, if when looking at my pics you wonder why there are so many white Jazz / Fit’s in Cape Town, it’s my car I’ve failed to park out of the way!


The Chrysler PT Cruiser seemed to sell quite well here, I still see them often. No Chrysler is found in the new car lists now, and the only Dodge entry is the Journey.



Fiat Panda 100HP, mmm, not quite CC but I love the car and the building..


Nissan’s really are tough, this Langley is starting to look a bit fragile, but she still has her original hubcaps and the colour is really nice. You go girl!


The BMW 2002 was not officially sold here, but they are seen around. I’m sure this car will get some attention soon, they are too good to be left to moulder.


The Ford Cortina bakkie; I’m sure I’ll own one one day. Trouble is they are so tough and useful, finding a perfect one is difficult. Maybe I’m missing the point, this one would do fine..


These Cortina’s came with four cylinder or V6 power. Check out the overwrought fibreglass canopy! No windows where there should be windows, windows where there shouldn’t be..


Up above the Bo-Kaap the noon day gun fires across the city at midday every day. On the road to the gun I came across this beautifully kept Mercedes 200.


On the same road I found this VW Westfalia parked up. Looks like it wants to drive straight up Signal Hill!

Hope you have enjoyed another look at my hometown!