CC Outtake: 1996 Ford Taurus G – Camelot Lowers The Rent

If the second generation Ford Taurus could be described as Camelot, the third generation might as well have been the Great Depression. Despite its cautious evolutionary approach in design, and largely carryover underpinnings and mechanics, the second generation Taurus was the best-selling car in America for each of its four years (1992-1995). Of course, as much as 50 percent of those sales did come from fleets, but even taking that into consideration, the controversially-styled third generation Taurus (1996-1999) did not achieve the same level of success and popularity.

The Taurus retained its best-selling status for 1996, but it was evident that Ford was losing market share to Honda and Toyota. Heavy criticism also came to the 1996’s substantial price hike over the 1995, prompting Ford to release the stripper “G” trim level midway through 1996. Still reasonably equipped with standard features such as power windows, power heated mirrors, and full wheel covers, the Taurus G did little to bolster sales, which fell flat as Camry and Accord sales increased each year. Likely a former fleet vehicle, is it any coincidence that this 1996 Taurus G is white?

Photographed: Nantasket Beach, Hull, Massachusetts – July 2017