CC Update: The Last Unmolested 1969 Camaro Six In The World Is Still In Daily Use

Given that this is one of my favorite CCs in Eugene, I feel entitled to update you all on its continued good health and daily activities. I first wrote it up back in 2012, and it continues to live at the same location. And I see its owner, a woman roughly my age, driving it regularly. And it lives out on the street. It’s the glorious antithesis to all those stereotypical resale-red ’69 Z-28 clones one sees on summer Sundays, with the stereotypical driver behind the wheel.


Yes, it’s got a six cylinder under the hood (confirmed by me be looking underneath it).

And a column-mounted shifter for the Powerglide. It’s utterly bone stock, except for the WOL tires. The big question I hope to get answered some day is if the current owner is the original owner. Did her dad buy it for her as a high school graduation present?


It makes an interesting contrast to the xB behind it.


I sincerely hope to continue providing these occasional updates on this car for a long time to come.