CC Outtake: 1997 BMW 750iL With ‘Vinyl Roof’ – Keepin’ the Rain Out

In our rainy winters here in Oregon, it’s not unusual to see tarps on the roofs of some houses, inevitably ones with deferred maintenance. And they’re usually humble abodes. But running into this BMW 750iL V12 with the automotive equivalent of a blue tarp on its roof was a bit…unexpected. But then former top-tier luxury cars don’t always end up in the happiest of circumstances.

I’ve not yet run across this type of wrap job before. But I’d have to say it’s probbaly about as effective as anything. Although I do wonder what happens to the leading edge at higher speeds.

Does this car have a rear sunroof too, or are they just playing it safe?

Nothing like a E38 V12 BMW to depreciate as fast as it can go. And it can go pretty fact, what with its 5.4 L V12 that generated 322 hp as smoothly as any engine ever did. I’m sure it was limited to 155 mph like almost all of the top end German sedans.

And what did this 750iL cost when new? $93,400, or $143k adjusted. And what did these folks pay for it? Maybe a couple of percent of its new price? Hopefully not more.