CC Outtake: 1997 Ford Windstar GL – Dust In The Wind(star)


(first posted 12/5/2015)     Arriving as 1995 models, within one year the Windstar already became somewhat outdated due to its lack of dual sliding doors, a feature pioneered by the new 1996 Chrysler minivans, and soon offered on GM’s new 1997 minivans. Notwithstanding this drawback, the first generation Windstar still averaged 200,000 sales per year. Yet in light of this, they haven’t been common sights in at least a decade.


Notoriously prone to head gasket and transmission failures, a direct result of Ford using Taurus engines and transmissions in a significantly heavier minivan body, many first generation Windstars went to the great open highway in the sky much earlier than their competitors. This blue 1997 GL is clearly a survivor, although its cosmetic defects and reject inspection sticker (meaning it failed emissions testing or has some other mechanical defect) could signify that its days are numbered.

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