Vintage R&T Road Test: 1980 Subaru DL Hardtop



(first posted 12/5/2015)    Subaru owners were pleased with their cars, so R&T’s survey said. So how will the new DL do?


No surprises, Subaru keep moving forward. This is again from 1980 May issue:







My grandfather had a 1983 four-door sedan DL, and I was the only one besides him who drove that car (he was a grumpy old man, and to this day I don’t know what came over him, letting me drive his precious car, especially if you consider I was fresh from getting my driver’s license).

This was circa 1990, and I can remember a very boring car, yet- how shall I put this? Effective/competent. If you didn’t have any motoring aspirations, i.e. prepared to use it strictly from A to B- you were fine.


Still, I always joke about my Grandfather and this car, that until I came along, he never used fifth gear, and not a single Kph over 80…