CC Outtake: 2003 Olds Alero La Femme Edition – Pretty In Pink

It’s always a treat to find a special edition version of one of my favorite cars. The Alero La Femme was one of Olds’ last ditch efforts to carve out some territory in the market. I’m afraid it wasn’t a very successful effort.

This appearance package consisted of a number of items that were of course painted pink.

Starting with the logo badge in front. Maybe they should have changed the logo to this: ♀; the Olds logo looks a bit too much like ♂.

In addition to the spoiler and rear badging, most dealers also threw in a pink license plate surround. Well, those that could afford it; most Olds dealers weren’t exactly flush in 2003.

Sadly, there was no pink in the interior. GM’s bean counters at work again. how much would it have cost for a pink leather steering wheel skin? Or a few soft trim pieces? But this owner has added a few pink flourishes.

Ok; no gender stereotyping about the ding.

It’s a bit of a stretch to imagine why Olds thought this would work when it didn’t in 1955, but maybe they thought Dodge was just a bit too far ahead of the curve.