CC Outtake: A Classic Honda Lover Lives Here


Someone loves them some good old classic Hondas. Are these the two best generations of their kind? There’s no doubt about that in regard to the Civic; the fourth generation was the peak Civic experience before it got fatter and dumpier. I absolutely loved these little sedans; in EX form, with the sweet-revving FI engine, this is just about the best small car ever built. The Accord?


It’s a bit of a toss-up between this third generation (CA) and the subsequent fourth generation (CB). I’d have to give the latter the nod, for being a bit more refined and for its all-new 16 valve FI engine, which made a healthy 130 hp in the EX. Now those two, a gen 3 Civic EX and a gen 4 Accord EX; that would really be the peak classic Honda experience.