CC Outtake: A New Classic Visits A Neoclassic

BMW Cloisters 1 cropped

The 1976-1989 BMW 6-Series deserves to be considered a new classic — one of the most elegant designs of the 1970s-80s, it is an increasingly coveted collectible and qualifies for antique status in all of its model years as of 2014.  If you live in New York, where better to drive your new classic BMW than to New York’s outstanding neoclassic building, The CloistersThis branch of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, built largely from donations by John D. Rockefeller Jr. and J. Pierpont Morgan and opened to the public in 1938, is devoted to the art and architecture of medieval Europe and incorporates elements of several medieval European cloisters into the structure of the building.  Several of its rooms have 20th Century stained glass windows that incorporate medieval stained glass roundels with the coats of arms of German noble houses, making the presence of this BMW’s roundels especially appropriate.  Like the medieval roundels set in modern windows, this red 635CSi rides on larger wheels from a recent BMW instead of its original 1980s alloys but otherwise appeared to be in good original condition with only normal wear around its edges — a new classic comparable to the neoclassic behind it.

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