CC Outtake: 1986 Plymouth Reliant – I Thought for a Moment I’d Found Peggy Hill’s Car

1986 Plymouth Reliant b

I love it when in animated TV shows there is a touch of realism in the cars, when you can recognize what they are supposed to be. So when I spied this K car, I recognized it immediately as Peggy Hill’s car from King of the Hill. It seemed somehow fitting that Peggy would drive a Lee Iacocca special. It seemed right for the Hills’ socioeconomic class.

1981 CenturyPhoto source:

Except that when I did some noodling around the Internet for details, I found out that in Season 2, Episode 8, “The Son That Got Away,” Hank called Peggy’s car a Buick. Meaning that this is Peggy’s car, an early-mid-80s RWD A body.


Let’s look at Peggy’s actual car, shall we? I never looked below that perfectly square and non-A-body-like roof; it screams K car to me. But below the shoulderline, the deck slope, those wheel arches, and that rear tail light clearly say Century/Regal sedan. There’s even a mark on the fender ahead of the tail light where the Century or Regal badge would go.

What cars have you seen in cartoons that made you sit up straight and say, “Hey! That’s a ______”?