CC Outtake: A Scene From Car-rier & Ives

Have you ever looked at something and had it remind you of something else?  Of course you have.  Howabout this snow-capped Buick?  It made me think of Currier & Ives.

Currier & Ives was a printing firm that provided America of the late nineteenth century with an endless supply of inexpensive lithographed prints.  Even in my youth they remained popular with my elders for their nostalgia in the way they depicted a bygone era.  Just listen to the words of the mid-century holiday tune Sleigh Ride – if you ever wondered what or who “Currier & Ives” was, now you know.

One of their go-to styles was the winter scene.  A quick online search will turn up many examples, but most of them seemed to involve some combination of a rural homestead, a roadway and a vehicle (pulled by horses, of course.)  A wagon, just a different sort of wagon – one with runners instead of wheels.

Who knows but that Currier & Ives may have predicted the Curbside Classic Outtake with some outdoor shots of early products of a well-known automobile manufacturer.

But back to our subject.  This elderly Buick Century station wagon appears semi-frequently in the parking lot to my office building.  I saw it outside in the light snow and for some reason my mind connected the scene with those Currier & Ives snow scenes I had seen on so many Christmas cards and calendars when I was a kid.

Instead of the homestead we have a suburban parking lot.  Farmstead/Office Park – same difference.  The transportation is of a different kind, but is of an obsolete kind that evokes nostalgia today given its shape that is unlike anything built for decades.  It is all capped off by the light snow that finishes the scene.  And now I can’t get the melody of Sleigh Ride out of my head.