Pumpside Classic: What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Our local Valero station recently rebranded to a Unocal 76 station. Some new paint, new logos, but same old pumps, however with new images on the (scratched) screens. The image caught my eye, but something seemed wrong.

The artwork looked pretty amateurish, just a few steps better than something I would have doodled in my high school notebooks, when this 2nd gen Camaro was new and highly desired, even by Euro-car buffs like me. It also seems like an odd choice of car; I suspect 80% of the customers in our college town will have no idea that this graphic is based on a real, almost 50 year old car, albeit one that’s resto-modded in a slightly more modern style.

The front fender, windshield and A-pillar proportions are all wrong, oddly foreshortened. It looks almost Ford Maverick-like in front (the original 1969 compact Ford, not any of the subsequent SUV’s), especially with those huge rear wheels (24’s?). But something else just isn’t right. Can anyone spot it? It took me a few minutes. Full disclosure: I owned a 2nd gen F Body.