CC Outtake: 2000 Acura EL- Honda Makes a Plodge


Looking at the tail lights, something seems odd about this late eighties Civic. Looking closer, those from the USA might notice the Acura badging and the Alpha-numeric model call out. On the other hand, Canadians wonder why this Acura EL wears California plates. What’s an Acura EL? Honda’s version of the Plodge, a US model modified to better fit the Canadian market.


For many years, Honda’s Civic has been the best selling car in Canada. Although they may forfeit that crown this year, in the late nineties and 2000s, Honda dominated the sales chart. Looking to capitialize on Canada’s preference for smaller cars and the popularity of the Civic, they developed this small sedan. Somewhere along the line, this Canadian resident moved south, and it now spends it days basking in the Cailfornia sun.


A quick look in the interior shows  leather seating surfaces, upgraded door panels, manual transmission, and an aftermarket steering wheel.


I’ve heard this car compared to a 3/4 scale TL (think model year 2000). Looking at this angle, perhaps you can see it as well.