CC Outtake: AM General FJ-8C 5.0 V8 – Hot Box

CC 295 005 1200

As I approached this AM General delivery van at a light, I it was all-too obvious from the rumble of its big side exhaust that that its original AMC six was no longer in duty. Well, the flames and mag wheels did rather reinforce that too, as if it needed to. A hot rod postal van.

CC 295 003 1200

The ‘5.0’ and ‘V8’ badges on the side of its hood were a bit superfluous. I wonder how this handles at speed, given its very short wheelbase and boxy shape?

CC 295 004 1200

I managed to get ahead of it enough at the light to get a shot of its front end. It sports a red ‘AMGeneral’ badge on its hood. It did occur to me that this should really have an AMC V8 in there, but those aren’t exactly laying around as readily as a Ford 5.0, which is what I’m guessing is in there. And did AMC ever badge the 304 V8 as a 5.0?

CC 295 006 1200

My box managed to keep up with it in traffic, and I peeled off one more shot, which not surprisingly has soft focus. Did someone watch their mailman drive on of these as a kid, and get the idea to turn one into a hot box?