CC Outtake: At the High School Parking Lot

It’s a another beautiful summer evening and we’re cutting through the back of the South Eugene High parking lot on our walk when these two tough old trucks cause a brief interruption. At this hour in the summer, the drivers are here to play some sort of ball, most likely. And given the…um…nature of South Eugene, these would not likely be here during the school year either.

First up, the ’68 Chevy C30 one ton flatbed.


Old trucks are of course cool, and that applies to a big flatbed too.

The C30 range is nominally a one-tonner, but obviously actual payload depends on the springs and other variables. It’s pretty safe to say this one could manage two tons without too much difficulty, or more.


The shifter looks to have originated in the hardware store.


This is the long wheelbase version, and a pretty good length bed too. Twelve feet?


The gen1 Bronco is done up like most of its kind.

Ready to tackle anything.


I’ll take the flatbed Chevy, which might come in handy.