CC Outtake: B-Body Mashup – Cheviac Caprisienne

Pontiac Parisienne 3

Even from a distance there was some a little bit off about this GM B-Body. While the two tone paint and overall look is well integrated the front and rear mismatch is evident. So what exactly is this B-Body hybrid?

Pontiac Parisienne side

The side view shows off the Pontiac sport wheels and rear fender skirts.

Pontiac Parisienne rear

The rear view is all Pontiac and if there was any doubt, a peek into the interior conclusively proved this to be a Parisienne with a Caprice nose.

Pontiac Parisienne 1

One last look at the Chevrolet front end. Any idle speculation on the origins of this customization? Was it done deliberately or just merely the most expedient method of repairing damage from a front end collision?

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