CC Outtake: 1986 Pontiac Parisienne – Last Of The Cheviacs

2014-02-26 12.10.20

What can be said about the Pontiac Parisienne which Tom Klockau hasn’t said already?  The Pontiacs are his favorite ’77-’90 B-bodies, and this 1986, with its ’81 Bonneville rear end and generous specification, shows why.  With the B-body LeSabre and 88 gone after 1985, whoever bought this must’ve figured this to be the best way to get a fancy RWD GM sedan (Fleetwood Brougham excepted, of course).  Good thinking on his or her part, as Pontiac would switch to the H-body the following year.

2014-02-26 12.07.02

When the Excitement Division did Broughams, they did them differently.  This Pontiac Parisienne only looks like it has a vinyl top; good thing, too, since one would clash with the sporty “aero” mirrors.  Rounding out the fancy schmancy look are the hidden key hole on the trunk, skirts over the rear wheels, opera lamps on the C-pillar, brushed trim on the B-pillar and chrome rocker panel cladding.

2014-02-26 12.10.49

Actually, it’s rare that I ever see B-bodies so decked out.  As I’ve said before, I always appreciate when people tick off all the boxes on the options sheet; there are enough examples with hard bench seats.  Can any of our resident B-body experts point out other rare options?

2014-02-26 12.08.43

Oh-em-gee you guys, is this a factory Astroroof I spy?  Yes, if you notice the chromed pull on the sunshade and color-keyed plastic trim around the glass panel, it would appear to be.  A real shame that the headliner is in such sorry shape, because this is otherwise quite a charming interior, clearly demonstrating a ’70s Detroit interpretation of luxury.

2014-02-26 12.09.01

Almost makes you forget the Caprice dashboard.  The ’77-’81 Bonneville had the best dashboard seen on this platform, in my opinion, but unfortunately its tooling wasn’t dragged out for the Cheviac, nor was the front end (though I actually prefer the Parisienne’s to the Bonnie’s).

2014-02-26 12.07.38

Maybe as we affectionately call the Bonneville Bonnie, we can call this the Perry.  I can’t start a car company like my neighbor urged me to do when I was a young child, so this will be close enough.  My tastes don’t necessarily run Brougham-y, but when they do, this more restrained approach works nicely (and I’ve always enjoyed Canada).

2014-02-26 12.09.33

If ever a car should go by my name, I demand that it have four map lights like this Pontiac, and an intact headliner.

2014-02-26 12.05.48

With its historic registration, perhaps this Perry’s interior will receive the necessary attention.  He’s in good shape, otherwise.

2014-02-26 12.07.49