CC Outtake: (Caprice) Classic Wagon At Work

A 40 year old station wagon still at work is a sight that will cheer most readers of this site, and this 1977-78 Chevrolet is as good as example as one is likely to find.  Found just north of Red Hook, Brooklyn, where several years ago William Stopford spotted classic Fords and a New York icon Checker Marathon, this Chevy was in the process of being loaded with cargo by a young father and his two little children, doing its job four decades after it rolled off the assembly line.  Identifiable as a 1977-78 by its grille, it has lost the nameplates that would identify it as a Caprice or an Impala, but after this many years, the difference really does not matter any more.

The owner, named Chris, was very friendly when I interrupted him loading his wagon and explained that he loves it and intends to keep it as long as possible, although his wife wants to get rid of it.  Having my own history with a similar Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser, identical aside from having an Olds 307 instead of a Chevy 305 or 350, an Olds front clip, and an Olds dashboard, I know exactly how he feels about his wagon and hope that he holds on to it longer than I did mine.

This encounter occurred entirely by chance, because I had stopped and parked on the other side of the street to visit the Union Garage motorcycle gear shop, visible in this photo with three bright lights and a large eagle logo over its front door.  It was two good experiences at once in one of my occasional visits to New York.

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