CC Outtake: Chasing (And Catching) The Elusive Mavi-Stang GT250

CC 284 001 1200

I saw it go by as I sat at the light, and for a moment I wasn’t sure just what I’d seen: Was that a Mustang or a Maverick? Or a mashup of the two? I knew I needed to catch it and check it out, but the light was long, it was a ways down Chambers already, and traffic was a bit thick (for Eugene). But I’m intrepid, so I gave it my best shot.

CC 284 002 1200

Well, the left lane was turning out to be slower than the right, and a Ford pickup passed me there, closing off  my intended move into the right lane.

CC 284 004 1200

I figured I’d better get as many shots as I could on the go, because this might be hard to actually catch stopped. Sure enough, the driver took a right turn at this little street just coming up, and I was stuck in the left lane. I figured he was gone, as there was no easy or quick way to pursue him further. At least I got a pretty good shot of the Mavi-Stang. And quite a nice job of it that someone did here.

CC 284 006 1200

I turned right at the next intersection, and on a lark, turned right again at the next cross street. There it was, gassing up at a station a half block down. A lucky break. I asked the owner if he’s mind pulling over after he finished filling his tank, and of course he obliged. Folks don’t spend this much time customizing their cars to turn down the chance for a bit more attention.

CC 284 007 1200

The owner, a young Latino guy (Miguel, I think), did all of the work himself, and was justifiably proud of it. And he was quite honest about what’s under the hood: a 250 CID six.

CC 284 012 1200

The interior is definitely more Maverick than Mustang.

CC 284 013 1200

The area of the rear window that was filled in is showing some stress cracks. Miguel said he’s just about to repair that and give the Mavi-Sang a new paint job, in time for the summer car shows and cruises.

CC 284 008 1200

The Maverick certainly was the closest thing to an original Mustang in terms of size, using the same track width and other key platform aspects of the original.

Mustan II Improved-II-solo

CC ‘built’ a better Mustang II using the Maverick’s wheelbase, which resulted in a longer front end and better proportions than the actual Pinto-based Mustang II. And the weight of two really wouldn’t have been any different.

CC 284 009 1200

The rear three-quarter view is the most effective one in terms of the deception, don’t you think?