CC Outtake: Chevrolet Astro With Bad Complexion

Since we’ve got boxes on the brain, how about this one, with a bad paint job? Certain GM vehicles of this vintage just can’t keep the paint on their bodies, and the results are not pretty. I saw a pickup the other day in traffic that truly had maybe some 25% of its paint still attached. It looked really bad; much worse than this.

I believe it was a symptom of switching over to more environmentally-friendly water-based paint.

Although the primer seems to survive in our climate on the sides, it’s no match for the summer sun. Hence the bad sunburn.


If it was doing that surface rust on the sides too, this might be considered to be cool patina. Maybe in a few more years.

Despite the bad complexion, these Astro vans have become genuine Cockroaches of the Road™, thanks to their simple truck underpinnings and utility. It’s about as attractive as a cockroach too.

Jim Cavanaugh’s full CC on the Astro is here: How Hard Can It Be To Make a Minivan, Part 1