CC Outtake: Chevrolet Impala with White Wall Tires, Take II


Earlier this year, I spotted a burgundy Impala with wider white wall tires, and some comments suggested thinner white wall tires would look better. Your wish has been granted.


This one doesn’t look as clean as the other Impala, presumably an all season vehicle. It has few scratches here and there, and tires look a bit dirty. Both Impalas came with tan interiors.

img_1180This time I took a closer look at the tire brand, and it’s Michelin.

The black Impala was spotted in Troy, Michigan, the burgundy one in Waterford, Michigan.

CC Wordless Outtake: Chevrolet Impala with White Wall Tires

Extra bonus: A Toyota Camry with wiring hubcaps.

img_0773bSpotted in Gaylord, Michigan.