Paul Niedermeyer’s Auto-Biography Series


Paul Niedermeyer’s Auto-Biography Series:

Genesis (Innsbruck 1953-1960)

The Trip of a Lifetime: Douglas DC-8 to America

High Speed Assimilation: NYC 1960 

Getting Religion: The Cult Of GM 1961-1964

Sometimes It Is About the Destination: 1962 Ford Fairlane

The Facts Of Life Revealed 

Autology: Advanced Studies In Automotive Obsession

Tractor Driving Maniac

Auto-Biography: 1956 Ford Customline – My First 90+ MPH Ride, But Under Less Than Ideal Circumstances

Loyalties Tested

Childhood’s End

1961 Ford Starliner: Yes Pop, You Can Get a V8 Four-Speed 1961 Ford If You Really Want One (Alter-Biography)

1965 Falcon Futura: The O’Neill-Mobile

1964 Dodge Dart 270: The Estro-Dart

D Stands For (First) Drive:

Illicit Drugs Of Choice

Learning From Big Brother: 1957 MGA

1968 Dodge Dart 170: The Neurologist’s Car of Choice

1972 Toyota Corona – High School Memories

Getting Paid To Break(In) New 1971 Fords

(Alter-Autobiography) 1971 Ford Econoline: Van Of A Lifetime – What Might Have Been

The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxie 500 And Other Rides

Auto-Biography: A Two-Month $125 Hitchhiking Tour of the West in 1972 – An Epic Adventure And A Preview Of Coming Attractions

Somewhere East of Laramie: 1969 Plymouth Fury

1963 Oldsmobile Dynamic 88 Convertible: How Not To Enjoy a Convertible

1963 Corvair Monza: My First Car – The Tilt-A-Vair 

I’ll Be Home For Christmas

1964 Falcon 2-Door Sedan: The Long Slow Trip

Bug Tales:  Bug Tale 1: The Rolling Igloo   Bug Tale 2: Timing Is Everything

Bug Tale 3: Beyond Drafting   Bug Tale 4: Abrupt Change Of Consciousness

Super-Duty Truckin’


Bus We Must: Iowa City Transit Bus Driver

The Dream-mobile: 1968 Dodge A100 Van

1972 Dodge Polara: Grand Canyon and Pumice-Crete Revisited

Indelible Corolla Memories

How I Came To Be A Professional Pre-Production Test Driver of the Pontiac Iron Duke Engine 

Peugeot 404: The Holy Grail Found

Peugeot 404 Wagon – The One I Miss The Most

No Dream Car: 1968 MGB-GT

1980 BMW 320i: When BMW Became the Ultimate Fashion Accessory (and KSCI history)

1980 Buick Skylark: I Gave Up A Peugeot 404 For A GM Deadly Sin And it Wasn’t All That Bad

1983 Ford Thunderbird Turbo Coupe: Eco-Boosted Ego-Booster

The Game Of Foxes (1983)

1984 Ford Bronco II: The Bucking Bronco Horsey Car

1985 Jeep Cherokee: Fifteen Years of Mommie Mobiling and Mountain Goating

The Great American Anti-Towing Conspiracy (1985)

1986 Mercedes 300E (W124) And The Birth of Telemundo: Dreams Fulfilled, Dreams Dashed

Moving On, To Moving Houses

Gen1 Taurus: My Father Finally Takes My Advice and Treats Himself to a Nice Car

Maserati Dreamin’ (2009)

(Immobile) Curbside Classics: One Coming Down (2011)

Glacier Or Bust: Zen And The Art of Roadside Repairs (2011)

My New Curbside Classic: Peugeot 404 (2012)

Confessions of a JC Whitney Catalog Abuser  (2012)

Tinnibus: The VW Samba  (2013)

1972 Toyota Corona Coupe: 40th High School Reunion  (2013)

2013 Acura TSX Sport Wagon: Not An Impulse Buy (For A Change)

Vanished Into the Wilderness: The Daming Xu Memorial Hike (2013)

In Search of…The East Glows

2005 Scion xB: My First (and Last?) Toyota – Ten years Old (2016)

My New Future Curbside Classic: 2220 Monroe Street – I Built It My Way (2016)

The Resurrection of the Chinook, and the Rental Blues (2016)

1977 Dodge Chinook 18 Plus (Concourse): The Beginning And End Of A 15 Year Love Affair (2017)

2017 Ram Promaster 2500: I’m Going To Build My Own Camper

Road Trip Journal: Busted, For 60 Over the Limit (2018)

A Tiny House for Will  (2018)

My Promaster Van Build: Rear Entry, Hidden Bath, Twin Beds and Some Other Unusual Details

Van Tripping: Probing the Promaster’s Off Road Capabilities (2018)

Van Tripping: 4300 Miles Through Arizona, Nevada and California (2019)

House of a Lifetime – 25 Years of Remodeling

2005 Scion xB Update (2019) 100k Miles and No Repairs

Auto-Biography: The xBox Gets An Off-Roading Make-Over – Prepping It For The Nevada Backcountry Discovery Route – Who Needs 4WD Anyway?

Auto-Biography: The xB EXBRO Overland Edition Is Finished and Ready For Off-Road Adventure  (2021)

Auto-Biography: The F100’s Transmission Is As Good As New Again  (2021)

Auto-Biography: 2003 Chevrolet Tracker – My New $2500 EXBRO6-Compatible Genuine Four-Wheeler  (2022)
Non-Auto Biography: Up, Up And Away In My Beautiful Balloon  (2023)


Alter-Auto-Biographies  (Fiction)

1961 Ford Starline3 390/375: Yes Pop, Your Really Can Get a 1961 V8 Four-Speed Ford

Van of a Lifetime: 1971 Ford Econoline – What Might Have Been

The Not-Niedermeyers Outtake: Dad Shows on Paul How to Tune His Go Kart

Thank You All For Your Great Car Buying Advice But I Bought This Pristine 1972 LTD Instead