CC Outtake: Chevy 3+3 Pickup With Woodsy Homebuilt Camper at Woodfield Station

This shopping center at 29th and Willamette started out in the 40s as a drive-in movie. In the 60s, a giant Thrifty, the Walmart of its time, took over, along with a few other stores. And then about ten years ago they were all razed and it was full redeveloped with the anchor tenant a local version of Whole Foods. And it was given a new name: Woodfield Station. Woodfield Station? A former train stop? Where the woods meet the fields? No; it was a made-up name, undoubtedly from a list and one that had absolutely no relevance to anyhting.

Back to more real and tangible things: this camper caught my eye from a distance, for its repurposing of two pickup toppers, one top of some nice rough-sawn lumber side walls. Genuine; authentic; no BS. So what was it doing in Woodfield Station, whose name reflects none of those qualities?

Probably the same thing I was doing: dropping off a return Amazon package at the UPS store there.

I admired the rough-sawn pieces of Douglas Fir. I asked the owner if he had trouble with leaks; a few minor ones between the two toppers due to the bouncing around. The shovel is conveniently mounted.

I dubbed this the Woodfield camper, and it seem much more appropriate named than the shopping center. Happy Trails!