CC Outtake: Chevy Trans Van

As you all know, I have a thing for vintage van campers. And the Trans Van was one of the more enduring ones, although I’m not sure of their production beginning and end dates. It was probably the most popular Chinook imitation, although it made a rather grievous error by omitting the Chinook’s raised center roof. Which means it’s great for really short people, and rather sucks for anyone else. But its graphics were the best of the era.

I found a Dodge version a few years back, and my post on it has become a popular destination for Trans Van enthusiasts. I speculated that it might have a 440, but the owner found this post and informed that it has the 400. I love it when owners find their cars and trucks here, and leave some details that otherwise we’d never know.

This one is sporting California plates, so it’s doing what it’s was designed to be doing: being on the road.


So is this rear tail light assembly borrowed form another vehicle? I rather assume so, as RV makers don’t invest in the tooling for this sort of thing. One of you will know; it looks familiar. Has a Pontiac vibe.


Pretty plush seat; and that “console” is pretty impressive. Makes my Chinook look spartan.

I couldn’t get a shot of the back, but here’s one from the web, of a ’79 Chevy TV. Very vintage, right down to the textured carpeting on the roof. But definitely not as practical as the Chinook, with its low roof and no upper cabinets.

The galley and head is in the rear, but how one cooks without standing up properly is a bit of a question.


I’m guessing this one is from 1979 or thereabouts. It may not have put the emphasis on practicality, but its graphics were decidedly snappier than the Chinooks. It’s all a matter of priorities.