CC Outtake: Citroen Acadiane – A Van for All Seasons


The Citroen Dyane was an evolution of the more famous 2CV, focussing on more power (most had a 602cc engine with all of 32bhp), a construction that permitted more efficient production, a hatchback and more modern style.


But in 1963, it could only have been French and only a Citroen. Just look at it.

In 1977, Citroen offered a van version, known as the Acadiane replacing the 2 CV based AK van, or Fourgonnette. Acadiane was a pun by Citroen based on Dyane and the prefix “AK” used by Citroen light commercials for many years,

dyane-2A working, rather than preserved, Fourgonnette is now rare sight but you still catch plenty of Acadianes in active service around rural France. There is somethinG supremely practical and obvious about the long travel suspension, flat floor with very little intrusion from the susepnsion and big square sided box on the back to make these idealy suited to carrying everything a rural Frenchman needs. Don’t worry about the aerodynamics of the profile – with 602cc and comforable cruising pseed of 50mph,that was probably the last of your concerns.


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These are still seen around many rural French markets and villages. The red van featured was in the town of Issgeac in the Dordogne, being used for some local delivery or other. Their use by the French post office is not long ago either.

And if all else fails, paint it up and use it for and to promote your restaurant. What Pierre Boulanger would make of this, 65 years after his 2CV was available, appearing like this with a mobile telephone number on it is something to ponder….