Panther Outtake: Safe And Sound From Salt, But Darn, I Can’t Drive It!

12-14-2013 002 (800x533)

Buying my Panther has been a double-edged sword of late. For while I love the car and prefer it to the Volvo on nice days, snow, snow and more darn snow (and salt!) mean it hasn’t been driven since last Saturday. This afternoon, however, I got to “drive” it, parked in the garage.

As I intend to keep this car a long time, I will not drive it in snow, slush or rain, or when there is salt on the road. Therefore, once a week I will fire it up and let it run for 15 minutes, to keep everything in good order. I ran the transmission through all the gears, and even backed it out of the garage so two or three feet of Ivory Pearlescent derriere appeared outside. This pristine former one-owner car will not have snow or salt mar its finish!

10-24 and 10-25-2013 005 (800x537)On a happier, warmer day

At least I got to listen to a couple tracks of my Fleetwood Mac CD; in “Stadium” setting on the DSP feature on the radio, it sounded most excellent! Hat tip to Eric Van Buren, who clued me in to the DSP feature–which I knew nothing about.

Oct-Nov 2013 007 (800x533)Something’s happening, happening to me…

But man, I’d really like to take it out for a spin. So here’s to warmer weather and spring. Only three months to go!