CC Outtake: Citroën DS Cabriolet – Spotted in Southfield, Michigan,


(first posted 6/12/2015)  Southfield was the headquarter of AMC when it existed, and there are still few AMCs running around here, including a Gremlin owned by a campus security guy. There are also few French Renault Alliances too, like a convertible I saw running on I-75 last year. But today I happened to see another French car, and this one happens to be Citroën DS convertible! And it’s a well-used genuine curbside classic, not a pristine car-show queen. Fortunately I happened to bring my camera with me today, so that I can prove this unusual encounter was for real.


There’s more than a bit of rust on this goddess, which seems a bit of a sacrilege.


According to Paul, this is what was called a DS 21 Cabrio d’Usine (factory body), which despite its name, was built by Henri Chapron’s bodyworks, but sold by regular Citroen dealers as a factory-listed car. Only 1365 of these were ever built, between 1958 and 1973.


I still feel the black round rear seat loudspeaker doesn’t look quite original or natural in this environment. Aftermarket?


The DS comes with a flat floor and reinforced side members/sills to keep it from sagging. The exhaust inevitably has to hang low.


Looks like this car took part in Automobile Magazine’s tenth anniversary Perfect Ten Celebration Tour in 1996. A little Googling only brings up one article on it. It was a 1000 mile, four day tour of Lake Michigan. Thirty eight cars participated. All the automotive entrants had to be built before 1968, so this DS obviously dates from before then. And obviously, this DS has not seen much attention since then, but I am glad the owner still puts it away during salt season.