Cohort Find of the Day: 1954 Ford Mainline Ranch Wagon (and Mystery Car)

Mike Hayes has been one of our oldest and most consistent Cohorts. He know what I like, and he’s found a lot of them over the years. And I always like seeing his bicycle parked in one of the shots. I feel like I know Mike, but then that goes for a whole lot of you after all this time together. We really need to have another Meet-Up, now that Covid is receding in the rear view mirror.

And today’s find from Mike is this very fine 1954 Ford Ranch Wagon, from the middle of that twenty year period when two door wagons were very common. I remember wagons like this so well from my Iowa City years. There were a lot of young married students at the university back then, and a used Ford wagon like this was the perfect choice to haul kids and stuff.



This one’s missing its back bumper. I think that’s on purposes, as there’s a heavy duty trailer hitch and receiver mounted back there. Much better than the flimsy bumper-mount hitches that were so common back then. This wagon must have been used as a tow rig earlier in its life. I wonder if it’s got something stouter than the original 239 cubic inch Y Block V8?

It is sporting the V8 emblem on its front fender, just like our baby-blue ’54 four door sedan.

Here’s an ad for a Customline Ranch Wagon, one step up.

And there’s a mystery car next to it, as a bonus.