CC Outtake: Corvair Sedan – Does His Other Car Wear the Pants?

I wish I had seen this car during our CC Corvair week from awhile back, but better late than never.  I spied this Corvair sedan out on the road last week, and managed to snap this windshield shot.

I have been watching cars for a long time, and there were a lot of these still on the road when I was a kid.  But I do not ever recall seeing a Corvair with fender skirts before.  I can’t tell if there are fuzzy dice hanging from the rear view mirror.

I wonder why the owner stopped here.  Why not a Corvair continental kit?  And wide whitewalls are a must.   Why not paint it turquoise or pink above the chrome around the beltline?  OK, I know I’m getting a bit silly here.   In truth, the idea of a Corvair with fender skirts is actually starting to grow on me.   Anybody else?