CC Outtake: General Lee goes truckin’

The General Lee has to one of the most replicated TV show cars around.  I have to admit that I’ve never seen more than a handful of minutes of The Dukes of Hazard TV show ever, so perhaps the car offers some fantastic and universal appeal.   Although the TV show never generated a sequel, it’s starring car certainly has.

Growing up, I desperately wanted to watch the show, but my parents severely limited how much time we could spend in front of the TV.  Even then, we were only allowed to watch shows you wouldn’t want to watch anyway.  As an adult, I’ve never felt the need to seek out the show.  I do, however, know the general premise of the show and somehow, perhaps though cultural osmosis, have come to know a few facts about it.

I do know they created a large number of the Dodge Charger General Lees for the show and most were destroyed in jumps or other stunts.  I also know that the doors were welded shut, although I am a bit fuzzy on why that might be. Perhaps just to look good getting in.

There are, of course, a good number of a Dodge Charger based General Lee clones.  To see one, you likely just have to check out your local show and shine.  But of course ’70s Dodge Chargers aren’t as affordable as they once were, so people have had to branch out a bit.  A few years back, I remember reading one of those British classics magazines, possibly Practical Classics.  There was a story of a comparison test of a trio of General Lee tribute cars. Given its base in the UK, there were no Dodge Chargers.  I remember distinctly the one they felt was the best was a Morris Marina, of all things. There was a British mid-size Ford which perhaps was an early 70s Zephyr and one other car, which I have (thankfully) forgotten.

But this General Lee tribute is worth remembering.  Our builder has chosen to stick within the Dodge family, but branched out to a truck basis.  I’m not an expert on Dodge trucks, but this one looks to be mid to late ’70s.

The orange paint with the requisite number on the door is there, but the owner has added some nice extra touches like orange paint on the differential cover, big smoke stack style exhaust and a Confederate flag decal on the rear window.

The interior is sadly lacking a CB radio but does feature velour style seats.

A little bit of theme mixing going on here with Power Wagon script.

I do remember seeing a Pontiac Acadian (Canada’s Chevette clone) decked out in General Lee garb, but wonder what vehicles our readers have seen done up similarly?